Clay In Little Alchemy 2: How to Make and Use

Clay in Little Alchemy 2 is a crafting game in which you can create Clay. With the right tools, you can build anything from small bricks to sprawling cities. But before you get there, you’ll need your base ingredients.

You can easily make your own clay if you only have air, fire, earth, and water. In Little Alchemy 2, this guide will teach you how to craft and make clay.

Clay Crafting in Little Alchemy 2

However, You can make clay in Little Alchemy using a variety of recipes. If you’re looking for the most basic clay recipe, this is it:

  • To make mud, combine earth and water.
  • Now, combine earth and fire to create lava.
  • To make stone, cool the lava with air.
  • You must now combine the mud and stone.
  • Congratulations, you have clay now!

Elements and Families

In Addition, Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, Plant, Poison, Light, Magic, Dark Magic, and humans are the first ten free elements in the game. So, In-app purchases allow players to purchase five additional elements for $1.99 each or the entire set of 295+ elements for $14.99.

If you have previously purchased 5 or more elements, you will receive these elements for free! Now that we’ve covered the basics of how the game works and how to play, let’s look at what can you make with clay in Little Alchemy

What Can You Make With Clay in Little Alchemy?

Make bricks out of clay to build walls, houses, and dozens of other structures in the game. You can also use your newly discovered clay to sculpt. Here are the recipes for using clay to make various items in Little Alchemy 2.

  • Fire + Clay = Brick
  • Stone + Clay = Brick
  • Sun + Clay = Brick
  • Legend + Clay = Golem
  • Story + Clay = Golem
  • Life + Clay = Human
  • Human + Clay = Potter
  • Tool + Clay = Pottery
  • Wax + Clay = Soap

This was your Little Alchemy 2 clay-making guide. If you enjoy making new things in this game, check out this article for a complete list of all the combinations available.

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What other alchemy games are there?

By clicking on the Button at the top right of your screen, you can hide the element bar in the game. This allows you to view your items in full-screen mode, but it also means you won’t know what type of item you’re making until it appears in front of you! (Whether or not to expand is entirely up to you!).

You can change your island’s appearance theme to match seasons, seasons+stars, or autumn. Autumn is the best time to play Clay in Little Alchemy 2 with an aquarium background! Also, once you reach level 6, you can enter a new world (mode) called ‘Oil Mania.’


Hence, Players have access to clay from the start of the game. It’s one of the simplest elements to make, and they’ll be able to use it in a variety of ways as they progress through the game.

Players should not overlook this early game boost if they want to spice up their next playthrough, no matter how easy it is to find or how important it is to move on from. I hope you like this article. Thank you!

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