How to Close a Pocket Knife? Step by Step Guide

Caring for your pocket knife is just as important as knowing how to use it effectively. Being able to close it is part of that care.

Knowing how to close your pocket knife properly and safely can help maintain the knife’s quality and ensure it lasts a long time. Furthermore, closing the knife and storing it safely is critical for your safety and the avoidance of any potential accidents.

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Several Form of Knives

There are several types of pocket knives, and each one requires a slightly different method of closure. The slip joint, frame lock, liner lock, and lockback are the four types of pocket knives discussed here.

So Continue reading to learn how to close a pocket knife!

Closing a Pocket Knife

There are following Pocket knives forms:

1. Slip Joint

Slip joint knives are one of the more casual and popular types of pocket knives. While not designed for heavy-duty tasks.

These non-locking folding blades are ideal for basic daily tasks. This type of pocket knife is very simple to close. Simply apply pressure to the back of the blade to close it. In general, any downward pressure on the back of the blade will close the knife.

2. Frame Security

A frame lock pocket knife has a mechanism on the outside that acts as a lock to keep the knife open. When the blade is fully extended. It automatically locks. Typically, the locking mechanism is located behind the blade.

To close this type of knife, push the locking part of the frame out of the way of the blade with your thumb. After you’ve moved the locking mechanism out of the way, simply apply pressure to the back of the blade to close it.

3. Liner Security

This type of pocket knife is comparable to a frame lock. The primary distinction between a liner lock and a frame lock is that the liner lock has a unique inner mechanism that keeps the knife blade open.

The procedure for closing a liner lock is similar to that of closing a frame lock. Instead of pushing the frame lock aside, look for the inner liner lock, which is usually found at the bottom of the handle.

On this part of the liner, there will be a tab that you can push aside with your thumb. This will release the blade, allowing you to lower it into the closed position.

4. Lockback

This type of pocket knife has a metal spine along the handle so that secures the knife blade. Look for the finger cut along the spine of the knife to close a lockback knife.

To disengage the locking mechanism, press on this exposed part of the spine. This will free the spine and allow you to close the knife easily.

Which pocket knife locking system is the most secure?

On this subject, debates also have never ended. All of the locks described in this guide are extremely secure, far more so than non-locking pocket knives.

The skill with which also these mechanisms are created will make a significant difference.

A low-cost, shoddy locking system may be less secure than a long-lasting locking system. Handle knives without a locking mechanism with extreme caution, such as the slip joint knife.

How to Close Pocket Knife?


What should you look for before using a knife?

Keep an eye out for rust, damage, and any broken or malfunctioning parts or locking mechanisms when closing or opening your pocket knife. These things could cause the blade to stop working, become less effective, or even harm the user.

Is it necessary to clean a knife after each use?

The straightforward answer is yes. After each use, always clean your pocket knife. When your knife gets dirty or wet, it becomes dangerous to use. So after cleaning it, make sure to thoroughly dry it before closing the pocket knife.

What precautions do you take when using a pocket knife?

It would help if you took numerous precautions when using a pocket knife because even the smallest ones can be dangerous.
When closing the knife, keep your fingers away from the blade. When approaching any pocket knife, remember that the blade will swing shut toward the handle, so be mindful of where your fingers are.


These are also the majority of folding knife locking systems. If the knife you purchased from an online knife store also has one of these mechanisms, make sure you close it safely and correctly, paying close attention to your closing technique.

Whatever type of pocket knife you use, as long as it has a secure locking mechanism, it can easily close and stored in your pocket.

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