How To Make Farmer In Little Alchemy 2? Complete Guide

Little Alchemy 2 includes hundreds of different combinations like Farmer in Little Alchemy and also several recipes for each of these. Players can spend all day combining elements without ever finding some of the more important or niche items, such as the Farmer in little.

Make a Farmer in Little Alchemy 2?

However, farmer can be made using a variety of recipes in Little Alchemy 2. So They are as follows:

  • Human + Farm
  • Grass + Human
  • Pitchfork + Human
  • Human + Plant
  • Plow + Human

Step-by-step Guide To Make Farmer in Little Alchemy

In Addition, as you can see from the list above, Human is required to obtain Farmer in Little Alchemy 2. So here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get Farmer:

  • When Earth and Earth combine, they form Land.
  • The continent is form by the combination of Land and Land.
  • Planet is form when two continents collide.
  • A puddle is form by two bodies of water.
  • Pond is form when two puddles join together.
  • So Pond and Pond combine to form a Lake.
  • The atmosphere will be for by the planet and the air.
  • Clouds are form when water and the atmosphere are combine.
  • Energy is create by the combination of fire and fire.
  • Lightning is create when energy and a cloud combine.
  • To get Life, Lightning must be mix with the Lake several steps before.
  • So soil and Animal are create by the combination of land and life.
  • Mud is form when Earth and Water combine.
  • Also lava made up of Earth and Fire.
  • The Lava is then combine with air to form a Stone.
  • Then, Clay made up of stone and mud.
  • Now combine Clay and Life to create a Human.
  • So Rain is form by combining Cloud and Water.
  • Hence, Plants are create by the combination of soil and rain.
  • Finally, create a Farmer by combining Plant and Human.

These are the steps that make farmer in little.

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Farmer Required Recipes in Little Alchemy 2

In addition, These are the recipes in which Farmer in little Alchemy appears:

BeekeeperBee + Farmer
CowLivestock + Farmer
ChickenBird + Farmer
Farmer + Egg
Dog Wolf + Farmer
CyborgRobot + Farmer
FarmFarmer + Barn
Container + Farmer
DomesticationAnimal + Farmer
Farmer + Science
FieldEarth + Farmer
Farmer + Land
Soil + Farmer
GardenerGarden + Farmer
LivestockAnimal + Farmer

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