How to Mount Pole on Roof? Complete Guide

A mount pole and stay antenna set may be the best way to go if you need to install your antenna higher than the standard 1.2m pole or if you need to install a large and/or heavy antenna system.

I’ll show you how to put a light-angle roof mount, a 1.8m pole, and two 1.8m metal stay bars together.

A tile or tin roof fitted with a pole and stay antenna mount set. I show how to do it on a tin roof in these photos.

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Setting up the Light Angle Mount Pole on Roof

I always say that the best position is as high as possible, but the position of this type of mount pole depends on why you’re installing it. If you want to raise your antenna, position the light angle roof mount as high as possible on the roof and lower the stay bars.

As a result, the stay bars will meet the main pole about halfway up. Above this, the pole may flex, but this is usually not a problem. Position the light angle roof mount lower on the roof and the stay bars higher if you want the mount to be as stable and solid as possible for a heavy antenna.

As a result, the stay bars will meet the main pole much closer to the top. The amount of flex and movement in the pole mount is reduce. In this case, I wanted to make the mount as strong and stable as possible, so I installed the stay bars above the light-angle roof mount.

Step by Step Instructions on Mount Pole on Roof

  • Choose a location for the mount. See the “Positioning the Mount” section above for more information.
  • Remove the two roofing screws from the area where the mount will be installed.
Mount Pole
  • Apply silicone through and around the roofing screw holes.
Mount Pole
  • Insert the screws into the holes in the light angle roof mount pole.
Mount Pole
  • Using a medium torque setting on the drill, reinstall the screws. Make sure not to squash the mount pole roof sheet’s corrugations. More silicon should be applied to the screw heads.
  • Insert the main pole into the mount pole roof u-bolt and tighten it just enough to keep the pole in place but not so tight that it can’t be moved easily.
  • Establish the location of the stay bars. I recommend holding them both in the planned position to ensure they fit properly and reach a suitable position on the pole.
  • Remove a roofing screw from the location where the stay bar’s bottom will be attach.
  • Apply silicone through and around the roofing screw hole.
  • Replace the end of the stay bar and reinstall the screw with a medium torque setting on the drill. Before doing this, you may need to bend the flat hole end of the stay bar to a suitable angle. The flat hole portion of the bar should be flat on the roof’s surface. Cover the screw with more silicon once it is secure.

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Repeated Steps on Mount Roof

  • Steps 8–10 must be repeat for the second stay bar.
    Examine how the stay bars will be position on the pole once everything is in place and the pole is vertical.
  • Remove the collar(s) bolts and secure the collar(s) to the pole
  • Remove the nuts from the collar bolts, insert the bolts through the holes at the pole ends of the stays, and replace the nuts, but only halfway. Allow the bolt to hang loose at the end of the stay.
  • Place the collar(s) in a rough position and start the bolts into the collars by hand. Keep your finger tight so that you can move the pole.
  • Straighten the pole to vertical, checking its alignment from both sides. Tighten the collar bolts with a spanner once they are properly position.
  • Using a spanner, tighten the u-bolt on the light-angle roof mount pole. The pole should now be securely in place.

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