Liveleak Alternatives 13 Working Sites Like LiveLeak 2022

Are you trying to find another Liveleak alternative? Since the site was shut down after years of operation, people are searching for potential Liveleak alternatives.

We all favor different fantasies and ambitions. People acknowledge various sides of themselves that are discouraged through society. It needs to cease for the individual to stop repressing their aspects and dreams to fit in. Just as people visit p*rnographic sites to quench their ardor for disruptive sexual desires, people with violent tendencies frequently visit sites like Liveleak, where disturbing and horrific content is presented.

Liveleak was a pioneer in recounting gruesome details and episodes of violent killings, violence, and pornographic scenes. However, it was not a popular video streaming site, as it did not contain material for the faint of heart.

Liveleak was where people went to view all sorts of videos. On this site, one could watch ISIS executions, naked children, and many other terrible things.

Liveleak Alternatives: Guide + List Of Working Sites

LiveLeak was founded a year later in 2006; the site served as a clearinghouse for depraved and disturbing video footage from various parts of the world. At LiveLeak, freedom of speech was not a thing. Instead, the website had a free-for-all setup, permitting uploads from worldwide.

The site had ISIS videos of this sort, including those where they execute a journalist or diplomat and film it or otherwise publish it. Again, individuals could watch this type of content, thanks to Liveleaks.

But much to the founders’ surprise, its popularity ensured its demise. When the founders discovered the website and social media profiles, their popularity frightened off everyone, and the cancel culture did the overcoming. The last nail in the coffin was the press release by Hayden Hewitt. It was vague but sufficient to convey the message.

Since the ban, people have spent considerable time and energy looking for Liveleak alternatives. The website was one of a kind, and it’s hard for such a website to remain relevant today. Do not worry if you are part of a group of people who frequently consume similar content; we have compiled some wonderful Liveleak substitutes for you.

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11 Sites Like Liveleak to Try in 2022

The demand for graphic violence is relatively substantial, as that niche is big. It’s no wonder that many websites provide such content, with one such site being among them. There are various websites with relevant material, but they lack the look and feel of Liveleak.

But when have we ever disappointed our viewers? We are naught but humble individuals here to assist our viewers in any way we can. We have compiled a list of Liveleak alternatives with content that satisfies your needs and has a look and feel similar to Liveleak. Check out every website to ensure that it keeps meets your needs the best.

1: Metacafe| Best LiveLeak Alternatives

Liveleak Alternatives

This site is similar to Liveleak in creating content. Its interface is different from Liveleak, though, and isn’t for an individual who understands what Liveleak looks like. This is not the landing page for an individual searching for a similar appearance and interface to Liveleak.

You can get live-streamed content from stream sites like CNN, ESPN, and Fox News. A few highlights of graphic content may be present in these sources. LiveLeak is another good option if you do not mind the user interface.

You won t find any as great graphic content as Liveleak; for no reason, some things slip through the system. However, the site has no restrictions that let you see unfiltered video footage of reports.

Liveleak Alternatives

The web interface for this Liveleak alternative has surpassed the others quite similar to it, and it seems to be a user experience in practice. Xfinity’s popularity surged after Liveleak was blocked.

Xfinity will stimulate your mind with a deep library of content and no censorship. You can watch news channels from CNN, Fox, and other news organizations. You can also watch sports programming on ESPN and similar networks. The videos are tidily categorized to locate what you are looking for easily.

3: Leaked Reality | Liveleak Alternatives

Liveleak Alternatives

Leaked reality is another important liveleak alternative. The page resembles the look of YouTube and has a graphic interface. This is a good option in case you like visual content. This site will orient you toward your desires with labels like Criminals, Cops, Crimes, and more. The neat categorization function and its filter feature help you locate the particular material you are trying to find more noticeably.

4: Daily Mail Online | Liveleak Alternatives

Liveleak Alternatives

Another viable alternative to Liveleak is Daily Mail Online. The user interface of The Daily Mail Online is simple by comparison with Liveleak, but it is still stacked with videos of numerous genres.

After choosing a category of videos, you will receive access to a wide range of videos, such as News, Sports, or graphic content. It’s not the perfect alternative to Liveleak, but it’s worth checking out.

5: Ebaum’s World

Liveleak Alternatives

Liveleak is a fantastic website if you are looking for amusing video clips from around the world. Ebaum s world presents the various joys of good comedy.

Aside from the section on the website dedicated to video clips, there are also videos containing violence. Click into that section if you plan on seeing violence-filled graphic content.

6: Veoh


Veoh is perhaps a great alternative for Liveleak. Its archive section features videos from all genres, from news to sports to comedy; you can locate what you need to waste time right now. The site doesn’t feature as much graphic design as you might like, but sometimes you locate an old treasure in today’s section.

7: AOL Videos

AOL Videos

Liveleak differs from AOL primarily because of the lack of graphic content. It’s a video-streaming site like YouTube, while AOL caters to a variety of its audience with an assortment of original content. In addition, the user interface is clean and functional. AOL has a lot of enjoyable content, and you will constantly have plenty to watch, making it a nice Liveleak alternative.

8: SnapTube 


If you were trying to find Liveleak alternatives, you might have heard about SnapTube. SnapTube is one of the best video-streaming and downloading apps. You can download all the videos accessible here; trust us, this site has an unending content library. SnapTube is not as graphic as many people might like, but this is a good alternative to Liveleak.

9: CrazyShit


If you enjoyed Liveleak, you would like CrazyShit, and yes, the name lives up to the kind of content this site contains. Unfortunately, like Liveleak, this article site also leans more toward posting adult and graphic content. You will get an over-the-top design, as well as content that is graphic and gruesome. The two control panels with CrazyShit’s user interface and appearance are wholly different.

10: DailyMotion


DailyMotion is another good alternative to Liveleak. This platform has lost its former glory, but it is still a good alternative to Liveleak. Many videos and pictures are posted on this site. It is an ideal place to kill some time and catch up with your favorite television shows.

11: MyVidster


Just like always, we have saved the best for last. MyVidster is Liveleak’s equivalent, with similar content and an easy-to-use interface; you can never go wrong with this choice. Others can follow different users’ feeds to get a constant stream of their content.

This website offers all of the videos you may find on Liveleak. Liveleak proved to be a great competitor for MyVidster. However, since Liveleak no longer was around, MyVidster can now expand and achieve greatness.

12: Goregrish


Gore Grish is a website that hosts footage from various horrible events, such as suicide and accidents. This site is not for the faint of heart, with images ranging from severed limbs to black widows. It would help if you watched something aimed at a reading or listening audience. The site contains both recordings of specified incidents and fiction loosely based on historical occurrences.

13: Body Modification Ezine

Body Modification Ezine

A content sub-site on the Modification of the Body Website presents violent movies, photographs, art, and reports on extreme body piercing and aesthetics. Extreme body modifications and personalization also appear in tattoos or piercings. In addition, the community can upload its firsthand experiences in the form of photos and videos from around the world. This is one of the Best Leaked Reality Alternatives.


Liveleak was a site that uploaded gruesome videos and garnered attention by doing so. Most people on the internet found the site disgusting and offensive, but they were Liveleak’s intended audience.

Liveleak had a matchless cult following during the exercises and stayed under the radar of cancel elite for a long time, 15 years to be exact. However, it all came to a halt when they quit services upon the arrival of the internet, causing their closing.

Even though there’s no active website for the resource the viewers need for the current time, the page’s content still exists. So don’t fuss; we have searched for and compiled some popular Liveleak alternatives for you. If you feel we missed any popular site, feel free to let, us know about it. I hope this page served your needs.

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