Skullcandy Crusher 2014 Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These Tips

Skullcandy Crush has to date its line of Crusher headphones. Check out our evaluations of the Skullcandy Crusher Wireless and the Skullcandy Crusher Evo. Bass. How low are you able to go? Sure, this is probably a Public Enemy lyric, however, it’s additionally a query that quite a few human beings locate themselves asking whilst searching out headphones. Though it’s less complicated nowadays to locate headphones with vision-blurring low give-up, it’s miles feasible to have an excessive amount of a very good issue.

Skullcandy, a Utah-primarily based totally agency that has been creating a severe call for itself in headphones over the past 10 years, has a singular option to that problem. The Skullcandy Crusher headphones function as a slider at the left cup that permits you to regulate the quantity of bass you hear. This slider additionally adjusts how a lot basses as you sense.

While that is truly a thrilling concept, whether or not or now no longer it’s a precise concept is a completely one-of-a-kind matter. For the verdict, examine on.

Features of Skullcandy Crusher

  • Adjustable bass slider
  • REX40 major driving force
  • Sensation55 bass driving force
  • Built-in amplifier

What’s In The Skullcandy Crusher Box?

Opening the container the primary issue you’ll see is some other piece of cardboard preserving the fast begin guide. Underneath this, you’ll locate the headphones. Along with the headphones themselves, you’ll additionally locate the blanketed cable with a far-flung mic, sporting case, and a AA battery. Yes, despite the fact that those are preferred headphones, you’ll want a battery. More on that later.

Design: Skullcandy Crusher

The layout of the Skullcandy Crusher by some means manages to be a bit of at uninteresting facet regardless of all of the faux chrome and the skulls everywhere. It would possibly have something to do with how thick and chunky they are. Put those on, and also you appear one pair of flier sun shades Far from being a helicopter pilot in an ’80s motion movie.

Skullcandy Crusher
Skullcandy Crusher

To ensure no person forgets who made those headphones, the band prominently functions with embossed Skullcandy branding. Aside from this and the aforementioned skulls, they’re pretty subdued looking. At least they’re quite comfortable. The ear cups rotate barely to offer right healthy and the band within reason adjustable.

For transferring the Crusher around, they’re completely collapsible. We might have desired to peer as a minimum a semi-tough case as opposed to a cloth bag at this price, however, the bag will as a minimum hold the headphones clean of dust.

Connectivity: Skullcandy Crusher

You would possibly examine the Skullcandy Crusher headphones and think, “what connectivity?” True, those aren’t Bluetooth, however, they aren’t relics of the Nineteen Seventies either. The blanketed cable functions as a barebones one-button far-flung and integrated microphone. This is sufficient to pause and resume audio playback and to reply and give up calls, count on you’re plug right into a phone.

The mic is decent and actually precise sufficient for the occasional name, however, given the dimensions of those, it isn’t probable that you’ll be making name after name the use of those headphones.


And yes, the absurdity continues. Why do those want a battery? The solution lies with inside the low give up. While the Skullcandy Crusher headphones will paint with out the battery, they won’t paint as intended. The Sensation55 driving force that gives the bass that offers those headphones their call calls for an unmarried AA battery, positioned at the back of the left ear cushion.

Luckily you won’t need to alternate it very often. Skullcandy claims forty hours of playback from a unmarry battery, and that’s with the bass slider set all of the manner up. It isn’t positive how a lot battery is store through pulling the slider down a bit, however as a minimum you in no way want to fear approximately the sound disappearing entirely.

Sound Quality in Skullcandy Crusher

As stated already, the Skullcandy Crusher headphones make use of one of a kind drivers. While the Sensation55 gives the sound and sense of the low give up. The REX40 driving force gives the entirety else. In addition to the a couple of drivers, those headphones also are acoustically port, to similarly growth bass and decrease distortion.


The lows are, of course, the principle occasion on the subject of those headphones. Skullcandy makes a large deal of citing that you could sense the bass, and this isn’t only a advertising gimmick. The Sensation55 driving force isn’t a conventional speaker. Instead, it creates mechanical vibration. That means that which the ones low notes hit, it sends those vibrations thru the headphones and, additionally, you.

For the maximum component that is very cool. Using the adjustable slider the bass can variety from slight to truly big relying to your preference. The most effective problem is that what bass is accentuate varies relying on. How the song you’re taking note of is combine. Mostly the entirety had a deep pleasurable low give up. However, I did run into some songs wherein simply the kick drum changed into accentuated, for example.


As we circulate up the frequency variety. The consequences are extra of a combined bag. However the Mids are the weakest factor through some distance. The midrange all through is flat and uninteresting, even though the decrease Mids are the great defined. There is a fantastically boxy excellent across the 800 Hz – 1 kHz vicinity. That in headphones surely geared toward bass enthusiasts, I might have assumed might be extra subdued. It is feasible that this vicinity is given a bump to assist vocals stand out with the bass slider maxed out.


Moving into the excessive end, matters enhance dramatically. The highs are crisp and clear, without going up to now as to sound harsh. While it’s apparent that the highs weren’t handled with equal loving care. Because of the low end, there’s nonetheless loads to love here.

Looking at different elements of the sound, the soundstage within reason narrow. While stereo separation is apparent, it isn’t mainly highlight. For plenty of human beings shopping for those headphones (i.e., bass heads) this shouldn’t be a huge deal, however, it’s far really well worth mentioning.

As for distortion, the acoustical porting actually hasn’t achieved any harm. I drove the quantity up pretty a long way without audible distortion. It’s feasible that those begin to interrupt up on the sincerely maximum levels, however at the one’s volumes, so could my ears.


Looking at whether or not or now no longer endorse those, I could ask some questions. The first could be “do you want bass?” Assuming the solution is yes, the second query could be “do you REALLY LIKE bass?” If so, you’ve got probably simply observe your new prefer headphones, mainly in the $a hundred range.

The Skullcandy Crusher headphones aren’t fill with features, and they won’t enchantment to everyone, however, if you’re seeking out large low result in a comfortable, decently price pair of headphones, you can actually do loads worse than those.

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