What is an AI Image Generator and how does it work?

Welcome to NinoDesk, the terms AI image generator and image synthesizer have arisen in various contexts. I am a product designer who is always looking for new technologies.

I was interested in learning more about it since the results of the AI image generation I saw in blogs and social media over the last month were spectacular.

There is much information on the internet, but it can be challenging to understand. So, after a month of research and experimentation, I’d like to share this guide to assist you in grasping what it’s all about.

In addition to explanations, I give tools for creating photographs and experimenting with the technology.

What is an AI image generator?

An AI image generator is computer software that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to create graphics from scratch.

AI picture generators can be used for a variety of purposes, reasons, including creating images for 3D models, advertising, generating ideas for blog entries, creating art, and so on.

What are the advantages of using an AI image generator?

  • AI image generators are much quicker than humans at generating higher art and real images.
  • They can assist artists in developing new work ideas. A concept artist, for example, can generate numerous concepts for a video game in less than an hour.
  • Without professional drawing skills, anyone can produce graphics and artwork.
  • AI image generators can generate large numbers of images quickly and accurately, making them perfect for marketing applications.
  • A designer or artist will be more interested in an image’s concept and imagination than in its technical qualities.

What is the work of an AI image generator?

The computer checks a database of images to learn how to generate new ideas. So, after you write the word, the program runs a cycle and generates a new image based on the photos in the database.

What it prompt

I’ll use the phrase prompt throughout this essay, so if you’re not familiar with it, let me explain:
The written description the user enters into the system to generate the image is prompt.

Here are a couple of such examples:

  • In the style of Roger Dean, the football team wins the Champions League in pairs.
  • Pablo Picasso’s painting of a stone chair in an academy.
  • High-quality, detailed image of a superhero in 4k detail.

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The influence of AI image generator on artists and designers

AI will greatly impact designers and artists, but it will also have some negative effects.

For starters, artists and designers can work much faster because the machine will generate their work quickly.

As a result, they will save both time and money. They might also begin with an idea instead of a blank page. For example, if a designer needs new icons for an interface, they can type some text and get many suggestions.

On the other hand, many people will have to reconsider their careers. An illustrator, for example, will not have to create for hours instead, they will have to select the best work produced by the machine, from the artist who designs the image to the designer who trains the machine on what to look for. It’s a different way of approaching the work.

Many designers, artists, and illustrators will be fired as the machine becomes faster and cheaper. It’s the middle. People will need to use technology to continue making things differently.

How will AI image generator develop in the future?

Nobody knows what the future holds, but here are two possible applications:

  1. The artist will be able to manage the image better. For example, suppose the computer makes a fantastic artwork, and the artist wishes to tweak a minor feature or paint it in a different hue. In that case, the artist can instruct the computer: Change the blossom color in the image’s left corner to yellow.
  2. Video creation: In the future, AI may also be utilized to generate videos. This enables the computer to create movement and pictures for all performers without recording the film.

Here is a listing of the maximum famous AI picture turbines:

DALL-E 2: One of the AI Image Generator

DALL-E 2 One of the AI Image Generator

Off the return of its predecessor DALL-E, OpenAI’s 2d generation DALL-E 2 is possibly the maximum famous AI picture generator. Apart from generating precise snapshots, DALL-E 2 also be used to create layout merchandise and illustrations.

Generating a DALL-E 2 picture no longer requires any inventive or IT knowledge, meaning each specialist and amateur can correctly create authentic snapshots through its easy interface.

Most notably, DALL-E 2 gives a paintbrush device that lets customers feature similar information to the picture, consisting of shadows and highlights.

Interestingly, DALL-E 2 is presently unavailable to the broader public. Only a pick-out organization of artists, content material creators, and AI builders was given entry to the device for predetermined periods. There is even a ready listing for confined get access to it.

Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator

Google’s Deep Dream Generator can create sensible snapshots with a neural community educated with hundreds of thousands of photos.

All you need to do is add a control/reference picture, and Deep Dream will generate a brand new one primarily based totally on authenticity.

Deep Dream is catered extra in formulating inventive snapshots to its use of numerous portray patterns from a specific era (Renaissance, Gothic, Cubism, etc.).

Furthermore, you could select to feature a very last clear out to the picture, Thin Style, Deep Style, or Deep Dream, have their fashion that may rework an image.



Anonymizer is a device that generates a one-of-a-kind photo for customers who need to defend their identities from a facial reputation software program.

Trained on lots of pictures, the generator feeds snapshots into opposed generative networks (GANs) that create new ones.

The images is create via neural networks (generator and discriminator) that paint off every difference to generate samples and determine whether their appearance is sufficient earlier than supplying the final product.


AI image generator may completely transform your ideas into digital art. However, some AI image generators are expensive, and others may require more than you need.

As a result, you should conduct an extensive study before purchasing any AI image generator. Then, if you need assistance, review these capabilities and determine whether the tool is within your budget.

Then, if you’ve determined that the AI picture generators have all of the capabilities you need, go for it. This article will guide you on what is AI image generator and how it works. I’m thankful.

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